LEE Filter - Standard Sheet (200 Series - Colour Correction & Diffusion)

Product code: 200S
Specialist filters for correction of colour temperature and other factors. Popular for photographic and film work.
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Product information

This item is a pre-cut sheet of Lee standard colour correction filter measuring 48" x 21" (1.22m x 0.53m).

Colour correction filters are used extensively in television and film to alter the colour temperature of light sources. These filters are also used in photography for similar purposes. The most common types within this range include:
  • Daylight Conversion (CTO) - filters which convert daylight to tungsten
  • Tungsten Conversion (CTB) - filters which convert tungsten to daylight
  • Fluorescent Conversion - filters which convert daylight and tungsten sources to a fluorescent equivalent.
  • Neutral Density (ND) - which reduce the intensity of a light source without affecting its colour spectrum
  • Diffusion - a range of diffusers and frost to difuse and soften light to different degrees.
Lee Filters have been in the game of manipulating light since 1967, producing filters and control mediums for photography, film and theatre lighting applications.

Their filters are also available in rolls for larger volume use.

Technical specifications

Brand Lee Filters
Condition New
Product Code 200S
Weight 0.05kg


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