Radial J48 Phantom Powered Active DI Box

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Product information

Looking to buy an active DI box? Then you can't go far wrong and buy a Radial J48. The Radial J48 Direct Injection box provides the professional audio engineer with an outstanding tool when interfacing unbalanced signals to professional equipment with balanced inputs.

Direct Injection  (DI) boxes are used to match audio signal for best performance in audio applications. Primarily, they convert High Impedance Unbalanced audio signal into Low Impedance Balanced signals which are expected by most professional audio equipment such as mixing desks. Instruments such as guitars, basses and keyboards have an unbalanced output signal. Sich signals do not always perform well over long cable runs and may suffer from excessive noise and interference. By transforming these into balanced signals, these can now be run for significant distances with negligible effect. Additionally, the impedance matching function minimises sonic losses that could affect your 'sound'.

Other features on this model include:
  • 15dB PAD Switch for 'hot' input signals
  • LOW-CUT filter to roll-off low frequency content
  • GROUND button to lift the ground and correct Gound-Loop problems
  • 'Thru' output for linking the input to another device - e.g. backline amp.
  • MERGE button to allow a stereo left/right signal to be correctly combined into a mono signal
  • POLARITY button to provide 180deg phase-shift.

There are many DI boxes on the market today at a wide variety of prices, so why would you need a Radial DI Box.
  • Ultra-linear frequency response from 20Hz to over 40kHz
  • Low distorsion
  • Faithful reproduction of the source sound with nothing added or taken away.
  • Tough, steel enslosure to enable use in the toughest of environments.
In our opinion, the Radial range is among the best money can buy, Don't compromse on your sound - get a Radial DI today.

Technical specifications

Weight 1kg
Product Code J48
Brand Radial
Condition New


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